Creating and Managing Contemporary and Traditional Art Collections

Bridget Brown’s respected London-based Art Consultancy has advised high level international corporate and private clients on all aspects of establishing and building art collections, including large scale commissions. Her Consultancy also looks after companies' existing works of art, often helping firms to relocate collections to new sites.

With a background in both the private and the public sectors, Bridget Brown has exceptional knowledge of the art world and of international developments both in the art market and in artistic practice in all media. To support her own expertise, she has gathered round her an excellent specialist team.

Bridget Brown's Consultancy works closely with clients, guiding them towards purchasing and commissioning first rate, cost effective art that has value and longevity, and that resonates for the collector. With such expert advice, clients can be confident of investing in works that will be, without exception, of museum quality, whether the financial outlay is low or high. As a result, clients' collections are not just unique: they are also impressive, personal and finely judged.

Among Bridget Brown's corporate clients are many large companies in the UK, Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They include leading commercial law and accountancy firms, financial institutions and major international management consultancies. Private clients are also based both in the UK and overseas.

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