Bridget Brown's Art Consultancy works to the individual requirements of corporate and private clients who wish to make either modest or significant investments in high quality art.

Unaffiliated to any gallery or artist, the Consultancy is able to offer clients the full benefit of Bridget Brown's knowledge of the international art market and the museum world, her curatorial skills, and the financial advantages gained from her longstanding relationships with galleries and artists around the world.

In order to seek out the most appropriate art for each client, Bridget Brown researches and, when necessary, travels to historical and contemporary art fairs and exhibitions internationally, to view the art of all periods and in particular the work of today’s leading and emerging artists. By exploring territories beyond the established European and North American art markets, she keeps abreast of developments around the world - for example in Africa, Central and South America, China, Eastern Europe, India, Japan, the Middle East and Turkey.

Bridget Brown also routinely visits art college degree shows and the studios of young artists, as well as galleries which focus on emerging artists. This enables her to spot talent as it is developing, and to purchase at an early stage in artists’ careers. She also explores cost effective and socially responsible routes whereby clients can acquire works of art, for example by purchasing from charity auctions to which artists, galleries and collectors routinely donate art. Causes which are supported by the artworld include those providing aid for children, medical charities, emergency appeals, and fundraising for public museums and art galleries. Additionally, museums and galleries often produce affordably priced editions of artists’ prints and objects, which relate to exhibitions.

Throughout the process of developing an art collection considerations of sustainability, diversity and inclusion are important. This can apply to all aspects of the art including materials, processes and subject matter.

In addition to acquiring works of art for clients, Bridget Brown regularly commissions and purchases large scale pieces in a wide range of media. As well as managing the selection of the artists, she negotiates purchase costs. Bridget Brown and her team oversee all aspects of projects, including the framing, transport and installation. Throughout, they consult closely with the client, artists, architects, planners, engineers, lighting consultants and others, to ensure excellent results.

In addition to managing ambitious projects, Bridget Brown has curated art collections on lower budgets, for example by acquiring limited edition prints by established artists, and works by emerging artists. With her team she also oversees the management of collections, including display, care and maintenance.

When clients with an existing art collection move premises, the Consultancy manages the relocation of the art to the new site, where necessary organising the reframing and conserving of works of art. The Consultancy integrates existing works of art into new collections, as well as undertaking the acquisition and commissioning of art. If required, Bridget Brown also arranges the sale of selected works from collections. Thus, established collections can be reinvigorated effectively and economically for their new settings.

Expert in valuing, cataloguing, and maintaining inventories of art, Bridget Brown's Consultancy looks after a number of prestigious corporate and private art collections. This continued responsibility often leads to further uses for the art, particularly in the corporate sector, such as its reproduction in clients' publicity material and loans and donations to museums. Works of art can also be used as an educational tool.

Starting and maintaining an art collection is an exciting and beneficial experience for both individuals and organisations. In corporate settings, a well chosen collection gives pleasure to clients, boosts the morale of employees and lends depth and style to the image of a company. Thus art, a pleasure in its own right, also adds value in many different ways.

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